We're creating a brand new type of multiplayer strategy video game for the PC.
Execute a grand strategy and conquer territories with familiar units like at the pace and visual appearance of an RTS game.


In LINE WAR - strategy is everything.
Plan, execute, and adapt your strategy to defeat your opponent.


Draw visual commands for units to follow. Thoughtfully crafted commands beats Actions Per Minute (APM).


Worlds are procedural and asymmetric and a unique picking phase balances the asymmetric imbalance.

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LINE WAR is being developed by Studio Centurion AB, a team of two developers with the vision, ambition, and dedication to make this game a reality.

A.k.a Basantos


CEO Founder, Game Design, Code

A.k.a Imphenzia


Founder, Code / Graphics / Audio


"Line War is the best RTS game around. Finally a strategy game that lives up to its name instead of being about who has the highest APM."

Tournament 2nd & 4th, first-ever Patron

"The core game loop is fantastic. The game play is really appealing, especially as you improve and start understanding strategies."

Alpha Tester

"If i ever get annoyed with LW i just have to play any other rts to be instantly reminded why its actually the best despite any flaws."

Alpha Tester

"The game feels a bit like chess. You can do opening studies on a ton of different maps and find out that there are a lot of similar opening principles that could lead to better chance of winning. Also long term planning makes a lot of difference in how successful you are in endgame. You can literally think about endgame 20 minutes before it actually happens the way you planned (or it got countered effectively by your opponent). Like your opponent really went all in on sea, but didn't have the upkeep money to take over the landmass in endgame. Something that could have been predicted when he went 6 shipyards in early game, while losing his own starting island as well with land troops."

Alpha Tester

"I am overly impressed how addicted i am already to, what appears to be such a straight to the point easy concept to understand. Take my money."

Steam Next Fest Demo Tester

"The idea of making the controls / GUI look like a historical military atlas is brilliant."

Steam Next Fest Demo Tester

"It's unlike anything I've ever played."

Alpha Tester

"I just love this game soooo much! Reminds me of the day I discovered Minecraft."

Steam Next Fest Demo Tester

"That is how I won my first game actually, completely outflanked my opponent by doing that, I have found that this game is one of the few RTS's in recent times to actually understand properly how defensive operations, deception, and stealth functions... it is really refreshing as I am horrible at micro, but I like games that involve lots of positioning and movement of troops."

Steam Next Fest Demo Tester


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